Not Welcome Round Here

October 5, 2012

Not Welcome Round Here

A short play in one act, by DW


A small ex-mining community in the Welsh valleys. A number of the locals have gathered in the pub to discuss the recent revelations about Sir Jimmy Savile.

Owen:                 I say we hang the bastard!

Hugh:                  Aye, let’s hang him!

Maureen:             Hanging’s too good for folk like that.

Johnno:               We can’t hang him, he’s already dead!

Hugh:                  Serves him right, after what he’s done.

Gareth:               How’s about that then, guys and gals?

Owen:                It’s no laughing matter this, Gareth

Hugh:                 Are we hanging him or not then?

Johnno:              No. He’s already dead.

Hugh:                 Can’t we dig him up and hang him again?

Maureen:            Being dug up’s too good for folk like that.

Gareth:               Now then, now then.

Owen:                I’m warning you, Gareth…

Dafydd:              I know, let’s give him a proper good fiddling. See how he likes it.

Hugh:                 But he’s been knighted hasn’t he? You can’t fiddle a knight; it goes against tradition.

Johnno:               He’ll have rigor bloody mortis!

Owen:                 Rigor mortis’ll be the least of his bleedin’ worries when I get my hands on him…

Maureen:             Rigor mortis is too good for folk like that.

As the conversation continues, the curtain falls.



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