The Business Development Manager

October 3, 2012

The Business Development Manager

by DW


He talked endlessly about solutions

without ever actually offering one

and his very presence in your life

tended to present a problem


I had to call him once

(the reason escapes me now)

he answered the call

and explained that he was in a car park

at the supermarket

and the ground was icy

and his wife had just fallen over

and she seemed to be in distress

and would I mind if he called me back later?

because he needed to help his wife


we hung up

and I could picture him all too clearly:

the Business Development Manager

driving around the supermarket car park

assessing the various parking spaces

drawing up a mental shortlist

carrying out a cost-benefit analysis of each shortlisted space

ranking them in order of preference

completing another half lap

then pulling carefully into the chosen spot

perfectly oblivious to the large patch of ice underneath the passenger door

from which his long-suffering wife would exit



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