August 9, 2012

You sort of think, um, ok could be worth seeing what’s going on here www.uncivilisation.co.uk Some things look quite interesting and the Dark Mountain concept is one that has a few persuasive elements but I think they might be stretching it all a bit far, then…

Then you read:

10.15am: An introduction to Scything
Scything teacher Beth Tilston introduces the art and craft of mowing grass with a scythe – an ancient and modern piece of human-scale technology. Come and have a go: you’ll never use a strimmer again. Meet between the car park and the campsite.

Is reintroducing scything a priority? I mean, is a strimmer really that bad? ‘If only George Bush had scythed the White House lawn Iraq would never had happened and we would all have met our Kyoto targets.’ Or maybe this is this just filling space in the programme and I shouldn’t bother about it too much. Or does this (again) suggest a movement that wants to define itself as radical and new but ends up with gestures that make it look a little bit, well, devoid of ideas? And anyway you need to sort your life out with a few more basic skills if you need someone to teach you how to move your arms backwards and forwards with a big blade. Come on.


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