John Terry

April 28, 2012

Howard Jacobson on ‘JT’:

Something in Terry’s expression, perhaps in the narrowness of his eyes, perhaps in the thinness of his lips, perhaps in the determined way he sets his jaw, perhaps in the way he carries his head as though it’s a weapon, perhaps in the impression he always gives on the field of having just sworn at an opponent, a spectator or a team-mate, something, let us say, in the sort of street-weary anger of his expression, as though he feels it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there and if you don’t get in first with your knee someone else will get in with his, simply screams red card. If I were a referee I’d bypass the niceties and red-card John Terry before a ball was kicked and let Chelsea get on with it with 10 men.

The whole thing is worth a read A man’s face like a book.



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