Pasty Crime

March 29, 2012

He/me has gone too far this time. VAT on pasties; here cometh the revolution my friend. And finally Ed Milliband (type in Ed Milliband to google and your third option is ‘Ed Milliband is gay’…somebody at HQ needs to look at search engine optimisation as i’m sure this does not bring up articles that seriously discuss Ed’s sexual preferences) seems to have found his voice and the right priorities:

“Not just fuel duty going up, child benefit taken away, tax credits being cut, now even putting 20 percent on the cost of pasties, sausage rolls, and the Chancellor’s excuse? Well, he says you can buy them cold and you can avoid the tax.”

That’s right Ed. EVEN pasties are now being taxed. You can take our tax credits, you can cut our old people’s services but for the love of God do not think you can take our VAT exemption on cheese and onion rolls. However, what the hell did you go to Greggs for to talk about pasties. One step forward, six back with you isn’t it?

At some point somebody involved in this whole debacle should have said: ‘this is our ‘Cones Hotline’ moment isn’t it?” and attempted to pull everyone back from the brink. Alas, our amusement would be less for it but their dignity slightly better off.



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