Class war!

March 17, 2012

Apparently class war has broken out at the new Clissold Park cafe in trendy Stoke Newington. Some people have deemed the culinary offer ‘too posh’ and lacking in traditional staples like chips; an ‘action group’ has campaigned on Facebook for an end to solely ‘nouveau riche’ rolls: Too posh Clissold Cafe makes changes

It’s one of those occasions when you’re not quite sure people aren’t taking the piss – particularly when people are quoted as saying things like this:

“Rather sad to see the demise of the Sister Sarah watercress and beetroot chutney on focaccia but I guess they are responding to demand,” said Caroline Millar, Chair of the Clissold Park User Group on Facebook.

I’m currently reading ‘London Orbital’ by Iain Sinclair which has numerous references to the aspects of Hackney that have signaled its ultimate death:

‘…developers and visible artists, explainers and exploiters…the first sign of the place going to the dogs: when they started selling croissants, jerk chicken and putting up notices that you were walking down a cycle track.’

This is not to suggest that gritty urban wastelands are preferable – but the twats have begun to take an upper hand.



2 Responses to “Class war!”

  1. tbm7 said

    A good thing about them changing the cafe menu, I mean. Not about the twats taking over.

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