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January 31, 2012

A Cautionary Tale

Bolo, 30.09.2004

Recently I have been doing some work with a local special school that deals mainly with children and young adults with Autism. During one of my visits I was lucky enough to meet very sweet kid called Liam who has the kind of bug eyed vigour that immediately sucks you in. Now Liam has an eye for the ladies, and thinks nothing of trying his considerable charms on any nymphete who comes within range. His Mum, in her infinite wisdom, had taken due note of Liams ardor and had attempted to reign him in by telling him he could have a girlfriend when he hits 16.

On June 7th the day came and by lunch time Liam was out and about revelling in new found freedoms. Fisrt stop Allweyn Girls School. From 2pm until 4pm Liam positioned himself at the school gates and proceeded to proposition any young lady who caught his eye. Unfazed by rejection Liam returned the next day at the same time. Then the next and the next until our bemused Romeo was removed by heartless police officers who had been alerted by the equally callous headmistress.

A cautionary tale for mums everywhere who can’t follow up on those birthday promises.


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