Divine guidance

January 9, 2012

The President inhaled deeply. He sat back and ran through his pre-prepared script. But it was no good. Nothing he read would go in. He closed the programme and returned to his thoughts.

“Four minutes Mr President.”

He had thought many times how he would deal with this eventuality. And many times had he thought he could not do it. Even, as now, when he knew that it was an unprovoked attack. Yes, he would destroy the nation’s attackers…but then he would also kill…

“Three minutes Mr President.”

He needed strength. And courage. He needed something to tell him how to act. Praying was no good now, he needed answers within the next two minutes. And then he remembered – the gift he had been given as Governor! It was his first execution and he had seen it on the wall of the lethal injection cell…

‘Two minutes Mr President”.

He leapt from his chair and headed for his study. Where was it?! He had no use for a ZZ Top signed plectrum in this situation!!! He needed guidance, wisdom. He needed to be told what to do dammit!!!!

“One minute Mr President”

Then he found it. He pulled it from his drawer, where it had been sitting under a picture of Jimmy Carter wearing tight trunks ( it was something George Bush kept in case of an attack). He felt calmer immediately. This was the placebo he needed to pull him over the finish line. He headed back to his office and sat down by the control panel. He breathed deeply again. And then turned the key.

He picked up the picture frame and read it again:

“Keep Calm and Carry On”

God bless Britain.


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