Beware the humourless

September 12, 2011

Christopher Hitchens writing about 911 and the Arab Spring (From 9/11 to the Arab Spring):

The people who must never have power are the humourless. To impossible certainties of rectitude they ally tedium and uniformity. Since an essential element of the American idea is its variety, I have tried always to celebrate things that are amusing for their own sake, or ridiculous but revealing, or simply of intrinsic interest. All of the above might apply to the subject of my little essay on the art and science of the blowjob, for example, while not quite saving me from the most instantly misinterpreted of all my articles, concerning the humour-deficit as registered by gender. Still, I like to believe that these small-scale ventures, too, make some contribution to a conversation without limits or proscriptions; the sine qua non of the sort of society that knows to keep the solemn and the pious at bay.

It’s a very good rule of thumb: The man or woman who cannot laugh at themselves should always be avoided. And wherever possible should never be given responsibility over their fellow human beings. It should almost be a standard job interview probe, to discover if someone can laugh at themselves – ‘please give an example of when you were made to look a bit of a tit. How did you deal with it?’


One Response to “Beware the humourless”

  1. tbm7 said

    I repeat here the 3 golden rules of The Tool:

    1. The Tool cannot laugh at himself.
    2. The Tool will not look you in the eye.
    3. The Tool asks little or no questions.


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