A selection of the comments under the original Postman Pat theme tune on You Tube

September 2, 2011

“Why did they change it? Never understand why people tamper with things when they are already the best they can be. If it aint broke…..DON’T FIX IT!!”


“and he’s black and white cat..” is he being racist to both blacks and whites?”

“Tell me about it. They’re changing all the classic programmes now. Thomas has a shit theme and Fireman Sam look like an idiot!”

“Ceefax, those were the days. I remember always checking ceefax for football results and cinema times. The days before internet was cheap.”

I think the Ceefax comment is my favourite. Those were the days…i remember when that little girl used to sit there with humpty dumpty or whatever it was when nothing was on…happiest times of my life.

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