Blind date

August 20, 2011

From today’s guardian. All you need to know about this guy is he has a very well kept goatee beard.

Mark on Aoife

First impressions? 

I was nicely surprised. Aoife is slightly taller than me, but is very attractive.


What did you talk about? 

Our jobs, accountancy, journeys to work, rugby, travelling, NZ, cycling.

(Journeys to work?)

Any awkward moments?

No, the conversation flowed well, with just the odd minor pause.

(How long is a ‘minor’ pause, as opposed to just a pause?)

Best thing about her? 

Aoife has more than one best attribute, but if I had to pick one, I’d say the fact we had things in common, and so got along easily.

(Out of this long list of good attributes her best trait: that she agrees with him on things.)

Did you go on somewhere? 

No, I was up for heading on somewhere, but to be fair we’d had a bit to drink, and I think she was going to go for a run in the morning.

Marks out of 10? 8.5.

Would you meet again? 

Sure. I know Aoife enjoyed the night, we talked at ease, and I would be interested in taking Aoife out for a coffee, or a drink.

Aoife on Mark

Would you meet again? 

I don’t think so.




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