“The only way left to draw attention to an issue…”

August 2, 2011

Reading this comment piece on the proposal for a People\’s Jury (‘bring back hanging!’ – ‘that’s not what we meant!’) to protect the ‘public interest’ (whatever that is) I noticed this rather worrying statement:

There is an irony in that this call is coming from another group of the self-appointed and self-righteous. But in today’s celebrity world this is the only way left to draw attention to an issue; and the issue is, letting the public decide.

‘The only way’….Christ we are in trouble. Then i noticed on the news that Mitch Winehouse had been in to see Ministers and Keith Vaz because he has proposals to change the way drugs policy and rehabilitation work. In response to his comments Keith Vaz said:

“We always revisit our reports but I think it’s important that we look again because it seems, from what he has said today, the level of support is not there and there appears to be an inconsistency of funding,” 

‘It’s always important to revisit our reports…’ but particularly when someone who is going to get me on telly is doing the asking? I’m sure Mitch Winehouse has some very useful insights and it sounds as if he is going to set some Foundation up to try and deliver the type of support he thinks is needed. However…i’m really not keen on the idea that as soon as a celebrity decides ‘something must be done!’ everything is dropped to listen to their unique, but for all i know absolutely bollocks, point of view. Is Keith Vaz scrambling after every parent whose child has been overdosed in some shitty tower block to find out what they would do? I suspect not.

Well, if a People’s Jury is one way of (imperfectly) counter balancing this worrying  tendency then i’m all for it.


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