June 11, 2011

I was listening to The Guardian’s Music Weekly podcast and there was a feature on Gwilym Gold’s experiment with the Bronze format of his new album.

Basically, him and a few others have generated a format of listening to his new music (only available on Apple stuff). The format generates a totally new and unique version of the song each time it is played. Its not a new idea but it does seem that all the new technology widely available now (smartphones, tablets etc) something like this might take off.

I quite like the results played on the podcast. I prefer the way they/him have tried to keep the song intact on each listen its just the sounds/drum patterns that change.

P.S how can so many singers in his oeuvre get away with such accomplished Arthur Russell impressions without it ever being picked up on? Can you imagine an indie band getting away with a John Lennon impersonation?


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