‘Not Now’: the second of a triptych of poems in honour of the Royal Wedding

May 20, 2011


‘Is this a king I see before me?

Why, I dare say it is

And not a bad-looking king either

Even if I do say so myself’.

And William’s reflection smiles back at him

But only for a moment

Before the mirror announces the presence

Of his brother

Dressed as an SS Storm Trooper

‘Not now, Harry. Not today.’


Hours later, stood at the altar

Nervously awaiting his beautiful bride

The man who would be king

Is distracted momentarily

By an insistent tugging at his arm:

‘These bloody shoes. Awful things. Killing my feet.

Cobbled together by some gook in Taiwan, of course.’

‘Not now, granddad.’


A thousand flashes light the aisle

The happy couple stroll arm in arm

And there amidst the well-wishers

A small and tubby bespectacled man

His eyes beholding this radiant new princess

His face crumpled in tear-stained sincerity

His mouth opened in song

His voice – almost, but not quite, lost beneath the clatter –

and near to breaking:

‘… like a candle in the wind.’

‘Not now, Elton.’



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