The decline of sporting nicknames

May 12, 2011

Via Marbury is this link to a story about the decline of nicknames in sport and their general falling out of use. Apparently, in American sports, it’s due to the influx of names from Hispanic and Asian countries and people not wanting to give offence. I think football in this country has produced a number of common currency nicknames – Razor Ruddock, Psycho, Gazza etc to are some fairly recent ones. I’m less sure about modern names like ‘Wazza’ and the god awful ‘Frankie Lamps’. I’m not even sure that can be described as a nickname; it’s more a ‘Mclarenism’.

My favourite football nickname anecdote is from Bobby’s tour Belle Vue with a load of hardcore Rovers fans:

(Guide) “Does anyone know the nickname of Sheffield Wednesday?”

(10 year old lad) “Scum?”


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