Vast quantities of good stuff

April 20, 2011

Via Normblog is a link to this The sad beautiful fact that we\’re all going to miss almost everything.

It’s a topic we’ve discussed before: how do you find time for everything when there is so much good stuff out there and you’re never going to get time to read, listen, watch etc it all. The author thinks it’s a matter of surrendering or culling. I’m not sure, on the basis of her definition, which one i do most often.

I do sometimes feel i should try listening to more classical music but don’t know where to start. However, i could try by asking someone who knows so probably it doesn’t matter so much to me in the first place. I definitely feel the number of books i have read is woefully low and a major regret is that i spent far too much time at University doing things like wandering around Lillywhites watching Rob College and Higgo try cricket bats, instead of being in the library reading. But spending too much time regretting these things is a waste of time in itself…

However, i have started to get through a few more books (just finished ‘Freedom’ – hurrah!) partly by culling tv (obviously not all tv) and trying to spend less time surfing blogs and reading more than one paper a week. But still, it’s not going to see me making great strides towards the end of the marathon of good stuff.


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