Marching on

March 26, 2011

I was thinking about going on the march today – in the spirit of trying to do something – but then thought – in the spirit of Meatloaf – i won’t do that. I really can’t see the point. It’s supposed to be a ‘March for the Alternative’ but i can’t deduce a serious alternative proposition. It just seems to be a march. And i don’t really get a kick out of marching pointlessly around London. But it seems some do, and i imagine quite a few out there today will be ace marchers, brilliant occupationists and expert direct action types (i also know there’ll be a lot of people sincerely worried about the effect of the cuts on public services). But there will be a distinct lack of ideas what the alternative actually is and how we bring it about. If they did i would be up for marching with them.

Further thoughts at Bad Conscience:

‘…many on the left are frankly uninterested in clarity, accuracy or political efficacy. What they are interested in is lumping all their preoccupations together in one ungainly amalgamation of thinly veiled incoherence, and then shoving it down the throats of passers-by whilst expecting them to happily agree and acquiesce.’


2 Responses to “Marching on”

  1. Paul Sagar said

    Ironically, I am on the march.

  2. McCrack said

    From the Guardian’s coverage:

    “4.44pm: Jonathan Paige has just given me an update on situation outside Fortnum and Mason where he says the atmosphere is increasingly tense. He says around 300 protesters are inside the store which has now been completely surrounded by riot police.”

    They do sell very expensive talc.

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