Lennon & McCartney, Morrissey & Marr, Rodgers & Edwards

March 23, 2011

In advance, I apologise for the rubbish use of superlatives in this post.

Uncle Robs once said to me that we should consider Morrissey and Marr’s songwriting partnership on an equal footing as Lennon and McCartney’s. 

At first I thought he’d had too many shandies but then I thought – why not? I guess most people might say that M&M’s music is not as ubiquitus or as important to western popular culture than L&M’s.  But you could argue that L&M’s popularity was massively helped by an extraordinary – once in a lifetime – aligning of time and place.  They rode the zeitgeist amazingly well, for an incredible 8/9 years (M&M only managed 3ish), obviously helped by their excellent songs.   

If you took their songs in isolation, seperated them from their cultural significance – who would come out better?  Should you have to do this?  Is a song just a brilliant song, despite its cultural baggage?

Anyway, I started thinking about all of this because I got the amazoid CHIC boxset just before christmas and was marvelling at the number of brilliant songs that Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards wrote.  They both have/had (Edwards died in 1996) very distinctive playing styles which obviously affected their writing – Rodgers’s rhythmical strumming and Edwards’s popping, dancing basslines.

What better excuse than to dig out one of Rodgers and Edwards’ best and a Pabs classic – this is also a truly rubbish/good video

P.S  I follow Nile Rodgers on Twitter and I’m pleased to report he just recovering from major cancer surgery.  He seems to have caught the social networking bug big time.  Using his recovery time to blog/facebook/twitter A LOT. He also messaged me, thanking for me following him on twitter (he currently has 19,062 followers).  ‘What a LEDGE!’ as Uncle Robs would undoubtedly say.

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