‘Imagine if polar bears were to decapitate climate change denying oil executives?’

March 20, 2011

Whatever you think of what is happening in Libya (and i have my doubts about how it will turn out) surely you can’t get away with writing things like this:

Imagine if we’d seen a solution based on an army of revolutionaries crossing across the borders from Tunisia and Egypt, fresh from their own revolutions, to support their Libyan brothers and sisters.  Instead we have British, American and French military armies, imposing their will by brute force.

It’s not even an argument – it’s a Hollywood movie. The consequences of not doing anything were potentially mass murder. The consequences of doing something are also potentially disastrous. But at least have the honesty to admit your choice has the potential for as grave – or worse – a consequence. Don’t hide behind some childish fantasy and immediately make yourself Mayor of Morally Superior.


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