When CD Compilations can be a force for good

March 18, 2011

Just before christmas I purchased this compilation.  It soon became one of my favourites of the year.

You may scoff, but look at some on the beauties on this.  What about this Aretha  classic

Then the other day, I got this

Recommended by Piccadilly Records, if you’re ever in Manchester I urge you to pop in,  it’s nearly as good as Our Price in Kidderminster.  The album’s got some lovely off kilter stuff from well known names like the Hollies, all under the current trendy umbrella of ‘balearic’. (When looking for this picture I noticed somebody on The Quietus had a very similar experience to me)

There’s a lot of stigma around compilations.  But really they can be as enjoyable as any brilliant mixtape you got ‘back in the day’.  They can plunge you right into nostalgia for a song you’d long forgotten about or introduce you to songs and even genres you’d never even contemplated you’d enjoy.

Any suggestions?

2 Responses to “When CD Compilations can be a force for good”

  1. McCrack said

    Through the late night tales (or was it another late night) i came across Max Richter. Which was a force for good. And i used to find a lot of stuff on Beats in Space http://www.beatsinspace.net/ (this week’s is a Japan special). Which makes me sound like i never got down with Hits 5…but i did and it’s sitting in my cabinet taking up space.

  2. tbm7 said

    Compilations can indeed be a force for good. It’s a feature I love about Spotify: click onto any artist/band’s profile and it will show you not only all the albums by that artist but any compilations they’ve appeared on also. (Obviously the albums and compilations in question have to be part of Spotify’s catalogue…). And once you’ve been lead to that compilation, you may find some other good shit. Know what I’m saying?

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