Julian Astrange case indeed

December 8, 2010

Can’t make my mind up about old Julian Assange. I first thought it was very wiffy that this arrest warrant suddenly turns up the heat on him right at the time he is causing some serious headaches. But then John Pilger, Ken Loach et al turn up and start explaining everything through the prism of warmongers, evil empires and the rest and i find myself trying to distance myself from the usual conspiracy theory rentamob. And this is Sweden we’re talking about, not some 1980s South American tin-pot dicatorship that will do anything the US asks them to.

Anyway, for more insightful analysis than my own i found the Stumbling and Mumbling post Assange: some cognitive biases pretty good. It’s only right that if the guy is credibly accused of something very serious – as he is and good ‘ol Roman Polanski (‘but he’s such a brilliant director…’ etc etc) was – it should be investigated properly; even if it all sounds just too convenient.

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