The squeezed middle

December 1, 2010

Good post here on the media’s concept of the middle class in Britain – Nick cohen squeezed middle.

I remember reading a Guardian article a while ago on the crisis of Britain’s ‘middle class’. One of the case studies was a woman earning 80k a year with a husband in property development and a very large house in Richmond. The article was not solely about income as a definition of the middle class, but it was certainly a strange choice of family for an article by a supposedly left leaning paper. But if you see their fashion and home pages on a saturday it should come as no suprise.

We have house prices and now rents beyond the reach of most, university fees for our kids, serious unemployment and an axe taken to the benefits that helped to fill the gaps – plus a prime minister who thinks we live in a world where Stella costs 25p a can  cameron thinks stella 25p. Not a massive error, or that important in the grand scheme of things, but illustrative of a politican with little grasp of how much it actually costs the oiks to live.  But whether this stirs the actual middle class into any kind of coordinated action or strong political demands is another matter: for one thing, no-one knows what the alternative looks like.


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