Innovators Needed

November 21, 2010

I have always felt that one of the great fallacies of the last Labour government was their desire to greatly increase the number of people going into further and higher education.  It was (and is) at best impractical; at worst, actively counter-productive. And, whilst its architects clearly believe it to be well-intentioned, it is a well-intentioned snobbery – predicated on the idea that an academic qualification somehow “betters” a person; and by extension, that a white-collar job is inherently better than a blue-collar job.

It’s time for a re-think.

It seems as if everyone’s eyes right now are turning to the world of “Social Enterprise”. And its entirely possible that the expectations placed upon it are, or soon turn out to be, hugely unrealistic.

But it’s a central tenet of the business world that true innovators thrive in a recession. In that wisdom, “thrive” tends to refer to the making of profit, often by an individual. This time around, we need that same innovation, only channelled in a different direction.

Working Rite are one of the groups leading the charge. I found this inspiring:



One Response to “Innovators Needed”

  1. robin childs said


    I agree with you regarding Higher Ed, however, it’s worth noting that FE now includes a huge range of vocational and basic skills courses which, for example, the majority of my lot need as a necessary step before they get into any type of employment.

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