November 7, 2010

Robsian is defined as:

An explanation that focuses on secondary or irrelevant factors for an outcome arising. For example, ”I feel terrible after last night – i didn’t eat very much’. The explanation focuses on a lack of food for causing the headache and nausea – whilst ignoring the consumption of 10 pints during the same evening. This is a classic ‘Robsian’.

On the way home last night Kate picked up a copy of the Sun tv magazine (i must have been boring her again). It contained an article about the ITV 2 programme ‘The only way is Essex’. One of the stars of the show was explaining her regular consumption of up to two bottles of wine before she went out, followed by 10 glasses of champagne and numerous shots (this would often take place at her friend Kirk Norcross’ bar – check his twitter feed – sample tweet: “nandos with the boys x”). After a particularly heavy evening out in Aiya Napa she awoke to a hangover from Hell. The severity of the hangover was explained thus:

‘I must be allergic to Jagerbombs’.


One Response to “Robsian”

  1. TBM7 said

    I remember reading an article in the paper a few years ago, about the rising tide of people claiming to have intolerances/allergies to certain foods. Key to the article was a recent survey which found that around 20% of respondents claimed to have one or more allergies/intolerances to a particular food/food group; this provided a marked contrast with a study by the BMJ (British Medical Journal), which found that less than 2% of the population actually had any allergies or intolerances.

    The journalist who wrote the article cited a colleague who: worked full-time, was a dedicated housewife, looked after two or three young children and spent most evenings either out socialising or volunteering her time for various commitees, charities etc. This lady one day mentioned that she seemed to be tired all the time. Her self-diagnosis? She thought it was probably the result of a wheat intolerance.

    Very, very Robsian.

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