Cultural heritage

November 3, 2010

The Guardian in Jamaica writes about the adoption issues facing white children:

“The boy, whose cultural heritage was that of the white working class from the east end of London, was adopted by a local Kingston couple. They were unsure how to deal with the boy’s cultural background, knowing that more than a few members of the area his parents had originated from were members of the far right BNP. ‘We wanted to ensure he grew up connected to this part of his cultural heritage, so we took him to buy a giant Union Jack and told him about the rise of Moseley, through to the National Front and onto Nick Griffin. We said – although we thought these views a bit outdated – this was an important part of his life and he mustn’t forget it. We feel it’s important to ensure that he knows about these things: as that is who he is.’

 Over in the Guardian there’s more on this from an “English” perspective

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