New buildings ain’t cheap

November 2, 2010

In a rather depressing piece about architecture – – Jonathon Glancey says we’re no longer that bothered as a nation about great buildings. They’re too expensive and we now have plenty more things to spend our dosh on besides good design. It’s true, there’s nothing more depressing than a Wimpey development on the edge of town or an inner city Barrett Home job that looks like a fake lego set. But he’s missed rather a large target. Yes, there’s lot more to spend our money on but how on earth does he expect most earthlings to pay more for our buildings.

Take a look at this lovely little gaff on Amhurst road: Yes, a snip for a one bedroom flat in a development that looks like a dilapidated prison ship – and a mere 7.5 times beyond the average salary of a London worker. If only we were willing – put that flat screen telly down! – to spend about 230k then we’d get something better designed? Or would it go straight into the pocket of Mr Wimpey. Hmm, let me think…

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