At The Gallery

October 17, 2010

Today I walked down Broadway Market and noticed a sign for a jumble sale, which was taking place in a warehouse by the Regents Canal. In trying to find the jumble sale, I first stumbled upon a room marked ‘gallery’. Outside sat a young man with a sketch pad, gazing wistfully into the middle distance.

“Er, hello. I’m looking for the jumble sale,” I said.

“This is a gallery,” he replied.

I asked if it was free to enter; he said it was. I went inside. The room was bare except for six or seven photos. Each photo was black and white; unframed; technically quite poor; and depicted a scene from a wild garden – for example, one showed an overgrown sunflower against some tall grass. It was all rather pointless, and the dimly lit space (devoid of any other occupants) seemed more than a bit depressing.

As I turned to leave the ‘gallery’, I noticed a piece of paper blue-tacked to the inside of the door. It said:

Each phenomena ‘stands in relation with countless others, in the way we say of a freely floating luminous point, that it emits its rays in every direction.’ Goethe.

If we cease to remain beholden to divisions between the whole and the part and go beyond the opposition of generality and particularity it becomes possible for each particular, paradoxically, to lead to another, separated yet connected, and as such find its expression.

The photographic works in this show offer moments of arising when, moving from the particular to the particular, the photographic image suspends and deactivates its representational operations in order to exhibit itself (brilliantly).

4 Responses to “At The Gallery”

  1. Joycemate said

    Your own fault for ‘walking down Broadway Market’. Tempting fate.

  2. Joycemate said

    Ah, but Richey, if you could only take a walk through Broadway Market…where the air is so thick with smugness, it induces a kind of claustrophobia that sends you hurrying from the place in a cold sweat.

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