My head on Ed

September 27, 2010

Will Ed Milliband be a disastrous choice by the Labour Party? I don’t know, but there are a number of reasons to be fearful. Firstly, his election was only secured by courting the union vote and by their votes securing him victory over the preferences of MPs and party members. David Cameron is going to remind him and the country of that every time his views chime with those of union positions. Secondly, the right wing media has already dubbed him ‘Red Ed’ (whether or not his positions actually add up to anything ‘red’ is another matter) and will be right behind Cameron in sticking the boot in at every opportunity. Much as i don’t want to think people are led by the opinions of press barons protecting their own narrow interests there is no denying they have some influence. Once they begin taking a sledgehammer to a politician i can’t think of one that has come out of that with their knees intact – and by the sounds of it they’re already in the hardware shop getting tooled up.

This is all what my head tells me.

My heart says he will not just tickle the belly of the already left of centre but make some attempt to understand what Dave from Systems Support in Milton Keynes wants politicians to deliver. And unfortunately Dave wields a lot of power in national elections because he makes up the majority of swing seat voters (Nick Clegg’s ‘miserable little compromise’ of AV won’t change that fact). But perhaps, also, in a post credit crunch world the majority of the population that earns between 20-30k (the proper Middle Britain) will actually be more sympathetic to social democratic policies than they were in the 80’s and 90’s.

Perhaps. I really hope so.


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