August 31, 2010

Can you really forget how to play with your children 20% of parents forget how to play with children? 1 in 5 people?!

Son – ‘Daddy, daddy, can we play hide and seek?!’

Dad – ‘Hide and seek…hide…and seek? Nope, you’ve lost me. And what is this play?’

No. Surely it should ready 1-5 in people willing to bullshit themselves to not look bad. But could you look at a researcher and, with a straight face, tell them you have forgotten how to kick or throw a ball? It sounds ridiculous – but perhaps people feel able to say it because they can’t be shown to be telling fibs. And as long as you can’t be found out it then it doesn’t matter, no matter how much self respect is jettisoned in the process.

Sorry Iris, I would take you ice skating but i have no idea what that is. I do, however, remember what and where the boozer is. Result!


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