August 31, 2010

Fat Joe’s first draft of ‘What’s Love (got to do with it)?’

(Spoken) ‘Please ensure all audio amplification equipment is functioning.

All audio amplification equipment is now functioning.

(Sing Ashanti)

‘What’s love?

What’s love got to do with it?

It should be about us,

It should be about trust’

(Fat Joe rap)

NB invoke the spirit of the Terror Squad

Verse 1.

Slow things down please,

I’d like to forewarn you that I don’t engage in cunnilingus

Though I do enjoy the company of women with wider hips that lick their lips.

She may be the kind of girl that would be employed in an office or enjoy removing her clothes.

Girl, I’m sexually aroused when you look into my eyes, but you do talk a little too much which seems to somewhat dampen the mood.

I’m reluctant to lose this feeling of arousal, even the roof and ceiling appear to be on fire as a result of the intensity of my feelings.

I’m very much a successful man when it comes to this kind of thing, you should see the jewelry that I have bestowed on some of my female friends.

Meanwhile my friends are speaking to some other girls who may be interested in joining us later.

Once the party has come to an end, maybe we could go for a few more drinks and one of the girls who my friends are speaking with may also wish to join us.

(Ashanti – Chorus)

Verse 2. Thought shower – Pay compliments to the girl’s physical appearance, maybe something about her bottom, and perhaps us leaving together once the party has finished.


Verse 3. Thought shower – A reference to my dance moves being similar to those of Michael Jackson in a club that we have since moved to.


4. The insinuation that we are very much now in the act of love making. (With or without the third protagonist?)

(Fade until end)

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