From the Pabs Archives (5)

August 21, 2010

The Optimistic Barber

TBM (01.02.2006)

I’m in a Barber’s shop. My hair has been neatly trimmed and the barber – a Greek or Cypriot at best guess – has sold me on the idea of a Hot Towel Shave. Back to the old school, straight razor and all that.

So I’m lying back in the chair with my eyes closed when I hear the door open.

“Mike!” the barber and his assistant cry in unison, their voices filled with joy. I imagine a Norm-like figure from Cheers.

– Chelsea winning?, asks the new voice, a little out of breath.

Not yet, says the barber.

– Has he brought Cole on?

 – He will.

– He’s put him on the bench, hasn’t he? He’s not too pleased with him.

It won’t last.

And with that the bell on the door chimed once again, and the voice was gone.


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