Great moments in history re-Imagined as they might have been had the central figure in the event been R Childs: No 1 in an occasional series of short plays

August 12, 2010



R Childs played by himself

Buzz Aldrin played by Liv Tyler

Act I Scene I

Exterior: a space shuttle docked on the Moon’s surface. Its interior is lit. The doors swing open. We hear a voice from inside the shuttle.

 “Listen, Houston – can you hang on a minute, there’s someone on the other line. Hello. Who’s that? Alright mate! How’s it going? Friday? Yeah, well up for it. Say about 5ish? Down the George?… ”

Act I Scene II

(60 minutes later)

 Exterior: the space shuttle, still on the moon’s surface. The doors are now closed and the lights are out. 

“Sorry about that Buzz. Had to take the call; old mate of mine, hadn’t seen him in ages. We’ll do the whole ‘one giant step’ thing tomorrow yeah?”



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