August 5, 2010

It can drive a man mad. This post on normblog – Noise and silence – is so spot on regarding the maddening insanity and pointlessness of some of the announcements on trains and at train stations. Why do they put us through it? I think some people are bothered by noise and the rest aren’t. If everyone was then there would be no way they would allow those million decibel announcements that warn of every single danger possible except everyone’s ears imploding in response to the hundredth warning in a minute that – hey what-do-you-know! – you’re still not allowed to smoke on the train station platform. Not many people know that do they?

A slightly different form of noise is the cc email response. Some people just can’t resist having to say something. Silence is not an option. When i was working for a local authority some bright spark decided to email all 5000+ employees asking them to buy their cousin’s bands new single. There then followed about 50 cc replies which asked not to be copied into future emails about his brother’s band or the emails asking not to be copied into the emails asking not to be copied in anymore. On and on it went, like a russian doll of cretins.



One Response to “Noise”

  1. Joycemate said

    Try living in Japan, McCrack – where there is a constant barrage of aural warning/chiding at train stations, zebra crossing etc…

    People selling stuff shout in your ears with megaphones or drive around outside your house at 8am on a Sunday morning while playing jingles through a sound system.

    When there’s an election on, politicians drive around in sound-trucks giving speeches at all hours.

    And on national holidays –especially the Emperor’s birthday–the nationalists can be heard driving around in their black-painted trucks blasting martial music at top volume.

    All this, and yet the Japanese claim to ‘love silence’.

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