Are there an infinite number of Emile Heskeys?

June 1, 2010

One can only wonder. The thought is mind boggling and like anything to do with Emile Heskey poses the question: why? Why indeed.

The thought arises through reading this post Uniquities within infinites which literally boggles the mind. It argues that as the universe can essentially be considered infinite that means where one thing exists e.g. the earth or emile heskey then it will exist an infinite number of times. But apparently there is an exception! The article uses the example of prime numbers, where there is an infinite number of primes but only one is an even number: number 2. So earth or emile heskey could be an exception, a one off in the vast expanse of space.

I love this kind of stuff. I don’t understand how most of it works and have to take it on credit that someone brighter than me understands what is actually going on – but it still brings a smile to the face when considering the genius of it all.

Let’s hope there are infinite possibilities – because without an infinite number of barn doors for emile not to hit where would he be?

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