The “100 things I love” list

May 27, 2010

As Robs would say as he recounted another ‘war’ story down the battle cruiser “I shit you not…”, I stumbled upon a truly mind numbing list when I was looking up people I went to school with on Facebook. The list, obviously collected with great care, included “Shafts of sunlight through the clouds, Being stroked, New notebooks, Nina Simone, Poems, Tousled hair, Freckles, Children laughing”.  NB this is a genuine list – I HAVE NOT MADE THIS UP.

OK, why was I looking at photos and stuff posted up by people I’m not friends with on a social networking site? Like – how sad am I?! LOL indeed.  But in many ways I was well aware why I was doing it.  In homage to TBM I shall present it in numbered points.

1)  Some of you, I know, are not members of or fans of Facebook.  However from the instant I joined, Facebook’s main purpose for me was to fulfill my rabid noseyness.  Well kind of.  I found myself looking up obscure names from my school past on Wednesday,  just to see what so and so looked like.  Some had barely changed whilst others where recognisable.  One linked to another.  People scattered across the world.  Weddings, births and inane lists.  In actual fact, the person who posted up the list also posted up reams of self-help quotes AND an academic essay.   What did I learn from my cybertrawl through my past?  To paraphrase Morrissey “Had the world changed or had I changed?” 

2) Working with teenagers everyday.  Everyday I’m reminded of my teenage self.  All the mistakes, heartaches and stupidity.  Somedays I find myself pondering, “Was I really that stupid/vacuous/obnoxious?”  I’m filled with regret and I wonder about the people I went to school with and if they still think I’m still that stupid twerp from class?  My epiphany!  I don’t want redemption from GOD – I want redemption from my schoolmates.  Facebook was sent to me by a higher being in order to find me redemption!!!!

Growing old.  Step one.  Looking up your numpty peers.

PS – Andy I loved the WSJ blogs you sent round.  Is there anyway we could set up a link or a feed to this blog?

PPS – I know the numbered list idea didn’t really work. It seemed a nice idea at the time.

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